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Frequently Asked Questions - Professional Modules

Is this software stand alone or part of a suite of software?
All of the Professional Modules are part of the Caldes Enterprise Software and cannot be bought on their own.   Please see the Agency section for more information about what is included in the Caldes Enterprise Software.

Is there a charge for these modules?
Yes.  Most modules have an additional cost in addition to the Enterprise license and the cost may vary depending upon requirements.  Please contact us for details.

Can the software be customised to meet my specific needs?
Yes.  There is a very comprehensive administration suite that allows our support staff to quickly make changes to meet your needs.  Generally if these changes are minor then there is no charge.  Alternatively we also offer a fully bespoke programming service, including specification, testing, implementation, fixed timescales and fixed budgets.

Do Caldes undertake fully bespoke software / website development projects?
Yes.  In addition to our own products, we will undertake bespoke projects so long as they are related to property, are over 25K in value and do not conflict with our existing products.  However you will be surprised at how flexible our existing product range is.  The chances are we can already accommodate your needs within our existing software.

What is the database software behind the system?
Microsoft SQL Server (V2005 or later)

Who hosts the software?
Caldes will normally host the software and this is the case for 95% of our customers.  For companies with the Caldes Enterprise software it is possible to host the software internally, although this will not reduce license costs and there will also be an installation charge.  We are very flexible in meeting your hosting requirements.

Can the software be put in to Escrow?
Yes. Caldes can put the software into an Escrow account.  In the unlikely event that Caldes were to permanently disappear, you would have full rights to continue to use the software.  Caldes have a strong client base, low costs, excellent rental income and have been profitable for a number of years.

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