Caldes V8 Developer FAQs


Does it still use spreadsheets?
Yes.  The new model runs as an Excel Add-in using the very latest cloud based Add-in technology.

Where are the files stored?
The files are stored locally as you would store an Excel file now.  This give the added benefit that you can send working models to non-Caldes users.

Does it work on a Mac and / or a PC?
Yes, it works on both and you can interchange files and projects too. On a PC, you need Excel 2013 or later or Excel for Mac 15.19 or later.

Can I use my old projects in the new system? 
No, sorry, the old files are not compatible but we can convert them (although the layout does have some familiarity.)

Will it create a PDF of my project? 

What is the software like?
If you are used to the old Windows version then you will find it familiar, but simplified and more robust.  There will still be an appraisal summary, schedule of units, phasing, cash flow and sensitivity analysis.  However the system runs as an Add-in in the task pane of your Microsoft Excel software, so you can use V8 Developer right within your normal Excel software.

Can I save the files as an Excel project? 
Yes, anyone with Excel can use the projects, although it will be time limited if you do not have the software to run it.

Is there a free trial version? 

Does it deal with the new UK Stamp Duty Land Tax calculations? 

Does it have any new functionality? 
Yes, numerous, but the key areas are: 
  More informative and intuitive layout.
  Viability toolkit
  Faster calculations
  Works within Microsoft Excel using their latest Add-In technology (Mac and PC)

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