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Compare Caldes HUB Commercial Agency Options:


We offer 2 versions of our software, both with the same modern, easy to use, cross browser, mobile friendly interface. One is aimed at small Commercial Agents (Express), the other at larger Agents with multiple offices or different working groups (Enterprise).

Paid Monthly. No up front costs.
Contact us for the latest prices.
Low Monthly Payment Low Monthly Payment
Term 12 months minimum 1 month
Minimum licenses 5 1
Maximum licenses
Express is not designed for big companies with multiple offices. Enterprise is infinitely scaleable. Both products use the same interface.
Unlimited 4
Web based, including full hosting and upgrades
Caldes HUB is fully cross browser, mobile and tablet friendly, with adaptive screens depending upon the device.
VERY Easy to use
It doesn't matter how many features a product has if it is hard to use. Caldes HUB prides itself on being easier to use than any other product on the market. Fact!
The Dashboard brings everything together, tasks, appointments, lists, targets and KPIs.
Contact Relationship Management (CRM)
The CRM element is core to the HUB system and allows you to look at relationships across companies, groups and staff, or look at jobs done for clients etc.
Company Groups and Client Job tracking
Allows you to group different company addresses into a company group and then see the jobs that your business has done for that client.
Multiple jobs per property
Full visibility across current and historic sales, valuations and comparable information.
Multiple property types per property
Important for cross matching with applicants
Applicant matching
With multiple requirements and multiple property types.
Multiple images per property
Multiple floorplans per property
Extensive Reports
Template driven PDF brochure to your own designs
Note that there is a one-off admin charge to create these, depending upon design. 
Upload externally created PDF brochures
Social Media Friendly
Mass mailshots by email
Personalised, unlimited volume, links to PDFs, tracking and reports.
Personalised HTML marketing email facility with embedded links, tracking and reports.
Ability to add these yourself, or we can add them for you for a small charge.
Mailshots by post
Standard letters template creation
Office diary
Full telephone and email support
Regular upgrades
PDF booklet property lists
Advanced searching
Outlook Diary Update
You can now send automated diary invites to colleagues and customers from within the system, straight to their Outlook or phone diaries.
Leasehold Transactional Analysis
Professional work, rent reviews, lease renewals, breaks, leasehold analysis reports and 3D lease property stack visualisation. Find and be alerted to new opportunities. Note that this is an additional module in Express, but included in Enterprise.
Secure Socket Layers (SSL)
Multiple Workgroups  
Multiple Security Levels  
Option to install on your own server.
There is a setup cost for this and you will need to buy all 3rd party licenses. Only realistic for medium to large companies.
Fully configurable and customisation options  

ADDITIONAL MODULES (Carry additional costs)
Social Media Integration
We can automatically tweet your new properties or add them to your facebook page etc. Contact us for details.
Outlook Email Integration
Exports to all major portals.
Bespoke Multi-Property HTML emails
SMS /MMS text messaging options
Overseas / Multi-currency options
Post code lookup
Document management module
Invoicing and billing module, with export to accounts systems
Own stand alone system
Express is part of a shared but firewalled system. This means that it is already set up and ready to go. It can be customised, but not as fully as Enterprise.
Enterprise users have their own system, which we normally host, but you can host yourself too. This is implemented for each client to their own requirements.

WEBSITE INTEGRATION (Carry additional costs)
Integrate property searches with your existing website via XML or Iframe 
Property Browser SEO Sitemap 
Bespoke website development
Integrate applicant feedback and registration forms
Integrated client self-service
Full website content management system
Track hits to your website
Distance and radius searches

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