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About Caldes Limited

"A problem well defined is half solved"
John Dewey

Caldes work on the philosophy that anything can be done if you try hard enough, but you have to want to do it.  We are passionate about what we do.  We strive to be the best and we innovate where others imitate. We believe that if our products and services are the best then everything else will come from there.


Based in London and Aylesbury, our software products originate from 1990.  We were first to develop Windows based development appraisal software and first to develop Web based databases for property companies (some 10 years before the nearest competition, we might add.)  Things have moved on a lot since then and Caldes continue to update our products to improve efficiency and help our clients do more business.


Caldes have a huge client list of well-established property firms and have sold hundreds of thousands of licenses to one-man-bands through to international corporates.  Our software has been independently proven to dramatically reduce costs and improve the prospect of winning new business for our clients.

No business is too big or too small and that is backed-up by our having both Express and Enterprise versions of our software. Caldes provide a one-stop-shop to the small business with no I.T. skills. We also work with internal I.T. departments who want to manage their own servers.


Our product and service range includes development appraisal softwarecommercial agency software, practice management software, professional software, website design, development, integration, website content management software (CMS), online payment, hosting and support services. 

Caldes offer total software and/or web hosting solutions, with a priority to client care and business needs, meeting business aspirations via innovative technical and design solutions. 

Caldes continue to develop software that outperforms other solutions on every front, including leading technology, functionality, ease of use and competitive pricing.


Caldes are a private and independently funded profitable company, with considerable property experience and offer high quality, professional support.  The majority of our income is rental based contracts, which grows year on year as new clients are added.  This should bring comfort to any business thinking of investing in Caldes software.


Caldes are focused on property solutions only and provide a comprehensive support package, including hosting, backup, upgrades, maintenance, telephone help, consultancy and general support. 

Many of our clients picked us because they were looking for property software that was not available anywhere else and were considering the costly and time consuming bespoke development route. Our software provides so many customisation tools built in that we can usually meet your needs without any further development. Just talk to our support staff and they will make the changes for you, or if you have internal IT staff then they can be trained to manage your software for you if preferred.

Caldes develop all their own software using qualified programmers. All database servers are very highly specified and are hosted in the very best data warehouses.

All Caldes products are fully supported and training is also available.